Easing Your Travel Plans for an Extended Indian Vacation

There are only a few countries that can offer as many options for vacationers as India. With its cultural variance, great mix of different heritages and amazing diversity, India offers a land that can be all about surprises. Adding to the surprise is the amazing list of destinations in the lap of nature. So, if you wanted an extended vacation, this is the ideal world of new things, where there is something for every traveler. Extended vacations in India, unlike many countries, don’t have to be expensive, and here are some tips that will help in understanding the planning process.


The decision of where to stay

Extended vacations clearly mean that you either find a home stay or choose one of the hotels. Hotels in India aren’t always expensive, and yet, when you stay for the longest time, even the most budget friendly option can be a big blow to the overall costing. Home stays, on the other hand, are quite good to say the least, but mostly you won’t get your freedom as wanted. There is also a third option of hiring a flat or renting an apartment. You don’t need to come here for that, but just check a popular website for real estate, and you will find many choices.

Where to go?

India is a multicultural land, and therefore, there is a lot that you can explore, depending on the area of interest. For covering the northern side of the country, you can choose to stay at Delhi and take a car of your own for traveling to different places. Ditto for most other parts of the country, where there are choices and surprises for every traveler. Also, you can opt to hire a car and head for a road trip.

How to save on eating costs?

If you are not used to Indian food, there is no better choice than cooking your own. That’s also one of the many reasons why some foreigners are taking their own place in India and finding a comfort zone that doesn’t exist in hotels. Street food in India is a must-try for sure, but make sure that you are well aware of the flavors and don’t overindulge in the choices.

In the last few years, the amenities and services for travelers in India have changed and bettered for good, so the travel plans don’t have to be perfect if you check these things.

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