Things You Must Not Miss in Colombia

Colombia, though one of the transcontinental countries, is still largely part of South America though some of its other territories are already in Central America. This country is not really amiable before though in this time around, its security dramatically improves. Aside from that, the moment you set foot in this country, you will right away notice the stellar hospitality of the Colombians. That fact alone is already a food factor for one to consider exploring the-now-safer Colombia. With its sheer size, you can already imagine the things this place can offer and you will not be disappointed as time will be fleeting in transcontinental country.


As your guide, here are the things you must not miss to experience if you include Colombia in your itineraries:

  • Checking out their coffee country will enable you to love drinking coffee more once you are in your own dwelling back home. You can’t helped but be amazed how coffee end up in your cup and how lucky you are for those people who made it possible. Next to Brazil and Vietnam, Colombia is said to be the largest producer of coffee globally.
  • Trekking in the cloud forest Cocora valley, which is not that far from the amazing coffee of Quindio should be one of your agenda as well. When you are up there, you will surely feel the immense power of God and be thankful of him for such great gifts to humankind. The magical towering cloud-wrapped palms are simply hard to ignore. You might be wary that it will rain because of the atmosphere but it will not really as such touch of atmosphere is natural in Cocora valley.
  • You should also check out the walled city of Cartegena. Here you will have new experiences to add in your diary such as the Cartegena horse and carriage night ride, visiting the Castillo San Felipe de Barajas with a knowledgeable guide, enjoying scenic views of the Caribbean city, shopping in the craft market of Las Bóvedas and still a lot more. A week will not be enough for one to explore the beauty of Cartegena.

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