What You Can and Can’t Take with You on a Plane

Traveling the world brings with it many challenges. Such as navigating a foreign country, driving on the other side of the road, speaking another language. However, few are more troublesome than the security checkpoints at airports. With an ever increasing list of items that you can and can not bring on the plane, it can be difficult for travelers to know if they are doing the correct thing, or not.

If you are a frequent traveler and could use a refresher on what items you can and can’t take on an airplane as carry-on, this article is for you.


Liquids cause the most problems when it comes time for security checkpoints. The best way to think about liquids when you travel is to take as few as possible. On the plane, you will only need a small travel container of moisturizer, cleaning gel, and mouthwash. As long as you place each of these items into small 2.4 ounce bottles you should be good to go.


Power Tools

Many tradespeople are finding that they can get a lot of ad-hoc construction work if they are willing to travel at short notice. The challenge, however, is that many of these first-time travelers aren’t aware that you can’t bring power tools on board a plane. If you have been taking advantage of the Groupon Coupons page for Grainger and have some new equipment, be sure to put it in your checked baggage.


Decorative knives that you collect as you travel are not allowed with you as carryon. While they may be blunt and for decorative purposes only, there is no chance that you will be allowed to take it on the plane with you.

Cooking Utensils

While it may seem strange, there are many cooking utensils sitting in the confiscation bins at numerous airports around the world. As you travel you are likely to buy a lot of presents for people back home, including some gifts to furnish your own home. If cooking utensils are one of those items, then you need to gently pack them into your checked baggage.

Musical Instruments

You would be surprised by how many people try to take an accordion on board an airplane and claim that it will fit in the overhead locker. Sadly, it won’t. However, you do have a workaround for this one.

If you have a large musical instrument you have the choice to send it as checked baggage underneath the plane. However, if you prefer to have it with you, speak with your airline about purchasing an additional ticket and putting your instrument in a seat next to you. Before you spend the money, however, it’s important to think of the item itself. If any of the parts are broken down for storage then airport security could consider them a weapon and potentially not let it on the plane.

You would (or probably wouldn’t) be surprised by the number of items that are confiscated at security checkpoints at airports around the world. Don’t add your belongings or travel gifts to that list.


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